The Black Dress Can Be An Inspiration For All Women

When you have to attend an evening party or simply a more elegant event and you simply don’t know what to wear, the black dress is the best decision you could make. This type of dress can guarantee a charming and tasteful look for any event. Nowadays, the invention of Coco Chanel has been changed in such a way that it molds on the personality of every designer that creates it. Along with history, the black dress has been reinvented and reinterpreted so many times that it had the chance to be shaped into all lengths and models. The only rules designers followed in what concerned this piece of clothing were its color and its length that never passed over the knee. In the past, the dress had such a huge impact in the fashion industry, that Vogue magazine called it ‘Chanel’s Ford’, due to its diagonal lines and to its straight tailoring, but also because every woman could afford to buy it, regardless of her social class or financial situation.

One of the most interesting and at the same time shocking models of black dress that ever appeared was the one made from leather. The proper way in which this type of dress was worn was with minimal accessorizing so that it wouldn’t appear too hard rock and even ostentatious. This surprising dress model appeals to women with perfectly defined and slim figures, as it follows closely all body lines. Moreover, it expresses a powerful personality and a well-defined style, but at the same time, it provides the one who wears it with class and charm. The most appropriate accessories for this type of dress are, of course, metallic ones, like massive rings, bracelets, and earrings. In order not to obtain a too hippie look, accessories made from wood or plastic must be necessarily avoided. In what concerns the right shoes for this dress, the high heels boots that highlight long slim legs are the most indicated.

If you want to get a more feminine look by wearing this type of black dress, you should try the model inspired by the cabaret period. This type of dress is also great, as it hides the waist and the large hips and offers a more fluid line to the body wearing it. The right accessories for this dress are long earrings.

Another interesting option when it comes to black dresses is the feather fillet. This model has to be accessorized with delicate sandals, vintage clutches, and mainly all kinds of accessories that are embroidered. One of the most modern types of such dresses is the Longzhilian Classic Halter Knee-Length Chiffon Party Dress.

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